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Artist and business coach to artists and creative entrepreneurs

Artwork by RJ Muna 

I work with artists and creative entrepreneurs to equip them with the tools necessary to be working professionals- for those who wish to claim their place in their world, whether full time or as a side hustle.

I work with people who are ready to get their shit together and want some guidance and accountability on the way.

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I'm an artist, business coach and speaker to artists and creative entrepreneurs.  I've worked with hundreds of creatives to equip them with the tools necessary to be working professionals.  My work is rooted in unearthing your authentic style, aesthetic, and desires- and giving you a map to get there.


I'm dedicated to empowering creatives, and I do not buy into the starving artist archetype.  Here's how I know.


  • Navigate Imposter Syndrome

  • Clarify your service + offerings 

  • Stand out in an oversaturated market

  • Develop an effective promotional strategy that DOESN'T involve having 5 social media platforms

  • Identify and actively pursue the work you actually want to spend your life doing

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My work has been featured in...

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What people are saying...

It's been extremely clarifying, healing and eye-opening to take a look at what I am doing, what I want to do, and what I need to do. Thank you for helping guide so many artists toward what they need to find. What an amazing program you've created. It's amazing how your program is able to benefit both the amateur and the professional artist, and artists from all walks of life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

-Jessica, Cycle 14, The Audacity Project

Director, Sora Aerial Arts


Hey this program is magical, I can't believe this is happening. I've never  done such a big contract. Just being part of this program seems to pull in opportunities


-Sophie, Cycle 10, The Audacity Project

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