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sheldon ruins boohag

the Quadruped at the Sheldon Church Ruins, photographed by Max Cooper

The Quadruped

The photos here are the result of a collaboration with NC-based photographer Max Cooper in August 2019.  The work is made possible by my amazing patrons to which I give thanks with every knobbly knee'd step this monster takes.

The Quadruped is a character that sprang into existence seemingly out of nowhere.  I don't know why I made it; only that I had to.  Its construction was inspired by the sublime natural landscapes of rural South Carolina, especially the draping of Spanish moss,.  Naturally, we had to take it to a few beloved lowcountry landmarks to photograph it in its native habitat.

The full story is available here for patrons, but here is a smattering of the images from a day in which we shot for hours in 100 degree heat and would have done it again the next day.  

You can see more of Max's work here and here.

All photographs copyright Max Cooper Photography

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