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My Work

I am a performance artist combining the mediums of dance, circus arts, spectacle, and storytelling to create socially and personally relevant performative works. I employ the application of water, mud, gold leaf, and unnatural dimensions to a healthy body to compose memorable visual moments. The image of a human body with unnaturally long fingers, or skin flaking away, or a grotesquely small waist creates an atmosphere of strangeness that I find conducive to heightened states of attention. As in dreams, when we can be jolted to lucidity when something outside the realm of the natural is perceived, I curate these moments of the bizarre within my work to engage the viewer and create an environment in which they are invited to question what is natural. To uncover the aspects of ourselves, particularly the feminine aspects present in all people which are buried, suppressed, and mutilated by the sanction of outside influences is both my subject matter and my intended effect on the viewer.  


This internal place of attention is where I aim to meet my audience in an effort to tell them stories that they can relate to within themselves.

All of the stories are true.

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