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self guided course

Diamonds in the dark is a self-guided course of choreographic tools for aerialists, circus artists, and physical performers.

Diamonds in the Dark is self-guided online course in creative excavation; a collection of over 16 time-tested exercises that get results. These exercises are specifically designed for aerialists, circus artists, dancers, and movers to facilitate creative research. It's created to aid you in devising choreography and smooth, buttery transitions for your unique movement patterns, as well as provide you with tools to add depth and meaning to your work.

The course is delivered through a series of assignments:

  • Written assignments for you do in a notebook

  • Physical exercises for you to do in the studio

  • Video examples of these tools have been prepared and recorded for you so you can see what they look like

I recommend the exercises for Diamonds in the Dark be done in the order in which they are given.

This is not a course for learning tricks, repertory, or aerial technique. I made this course for those who know tricks, who know technique, and who are ready to make some fucking art.

$297 for lifetime access

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The Audacity Project is a guided 8 week process designed to equip creatives with the tools necessary to be working professionals. 

What you get:

  • Weekly assignments via Teachable with plenty of supporting materials

  • Includes all templates/worksheets from the bundle

  • Weekly group classes and Q & A

  • A private Facebook community 

  • Two 30 minute 1:1 calls w/ me

  • Lifetime access to the materials

  • The assurance that this program has been tested, tweaked, and polished for years with outstanding results.  It works.

$1,097 for the 8 week program

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8 week commitment

3 month commitment

Every artist is an entrepreneur.  The system we exist in is capitalistic.  I don't know how to overthrow this system, but until then, I do know how to guide you into making it work for you instead of against you. 


This option is by application only and is for those who want to dig in with both hands and restructure their creative work into a functional, profitable business.


  • 5 one-hour 1:1 calls over the 3 months 

  • Targeted, strategic systems for growing your business/creative practice without burning out

  • A personalized structure that is built around what YOU want to be doing in and for the world

  • Email support throughout the 3 months with loads of supporting materials

This option is best for artists and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to take the bull by both horns and want lots of support and tools along the way.  Whatever I have in my arsenal, from contacts to shortcuts, will be at your disposal.

Where the Audacity Project is a fully fledged jumping off platform, VIP coaching is the extra 2 laps that ensure your work is implemented fully for functional results.

$2,497 for 3 months

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