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"Rachel is a wonderful speaker who cuts to the point of why so many motivational schools of thought fail. Her emphasis on building a creative community and not being afraid to ask for what you want is so critical. There is a lot of soul searching done both in the talk and continues on even after our time together is done. When I get stuck in an unfamiliar situation, I often find myself thinking, "what would Rachel do?"

- Claire Chirgott, Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity for Architecture and the Allied Arts

I do not buy into the starving artist archetype.

My presentations have been described as real, raw, cathartic, and hilarious.  I speak to artists and creative entrepreneurs about pursuing their work without apology or excuses.  My talks are packed with action-items and all are encouraged to take notes and take photos of the graphics for their reference.

My goal is to give everyone actionable takeaways they can use NOW to reclaim their futures and move into creating their lives based on what lights them up, not what they've been told is possible, desirable, or correct.

Recent Speaking Engagements:

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  • Circollective Society 2023 Vancouver CA

  • Gravity & Levity 2022 Symposium, UK

  • Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity for Architecture and the Allied Arts

  • ADF Boulder, CO presented by Frequent Flyers Productions

  • IADF Virtual Festival presented by Fidget Feet Ireland

  • The Green Door Life presents:  Chrysallis, a virtual retreat

  • Piccolo Spoleto Festival:  Best of "Truth Is..." Charleston SC

  • The King's Daughters - Edisto Island, SC

  • Edisto Women's Club, SC

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