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If I were a hitchhiker tentatively starting down the path of my dreams, TAP was a perfectly-timed party van that swerved to the curb and offered me a crazy ride past the most treacherous beginning stretch. There's a long-ass way left to go, but what a privilege to have gotten this far with so much support. I am forever grateful. - Jenny, Cycle 6

Thank you so much for your help and mentorship :) it was extremely helpful for starting to do all of the things I'd wanted to but didn't know how or where to start. Things are happening that I never imagined would come to pass. I gathered the courage to audition for a circus college and am performing at my favourite festival as well. Thank you for helping me come out of my shell :) Polly, Cycle 6

Rachel, thank you from the depths of my being for creating this project and giving me literally exactly what I needed at the time I needed it most. I hope you understand even a little bit how transformative this was for me. I wanted it before I even knew what it was -- I was at the precipice with no idea how to jump from rec student to something more, or what something more was, or whether the jump was even possible. All I knew was that I loved circus more than anything else I've ever done, and that I was the product of many, many years of artistic blockage and discouragement from childhood and beyond that has its complicated tentacles wrapped around my emotional, recreational, professional, and physical lives, as it does for so many people. TAP took a cut at both the baggage and the shroud that has been covering the "unimaginable" gigging world for me -- I'm not there yet, but it feels so much more in reach than before. I have learned mountains. Most importantly, you met my energy and investment every step of the way, which encouraged me to give more, and as a result I kept getting more out of the program than I ever expected. I don't take that for granted. I think you know you could charge a LOT more for this, in which case I might not have done it, which brings me back to a sincere thank you for your time, dedication, and inexplicable generosity. I keep wondering why you do what you do, and then I stop wondering and just feel grateful. So glad to know you.   Andrea, Cycle 9

The momentum I was hoping for is starting to pick up and a lot of it has to do with the bravery and clarity I got from working with you. - Mandy, cycle 5




First: TAP changed my life.  I can honestly sit back and take in the whole process and say, "God damn that woman.  She did it YET AGAIN". Thank you. Words can't describe. I'm not speaking artistically here, either.  I'm talking about the 8 weeks of therapy you gave me, that saved my life. Artistically TAP morphed me into my character (or, actually, characterS).  It forced me to step out of my comfort zone as the human all of my battles have made me into. It gave me tools that I can honestly say I will be using for upcoming auditions and emails (and like the rest of my life), and all the things I was lacking.  TAP made me Audacious. Even more so, and just better refined than I was before. BUT, the project gave me actual life. If I had the better words, I would use them. All I have right now though is this: It reignited the fire. -Katie, cycle 6


I’d still be spinning my wheels around if this  program didn’t exist. It’s changed my perspective in a lot of ways. -Jin, Cycle 6


The Audacity Project has changed my life in more ways than I could’ve imagined. It led me (quickly) to answers about myself and my career that I now feel so solid in. As an artist, I’ve sometimes wished there was a more streamlined path like doctors and lawyers have. Rachel teaches you how to pave your own road in the way that makes sense for you as an artist with The Audacity Project. She is the most supportive, enthusiastic mentor and there’s no one I’d rather have by my side while I ask hard questions of myself like, “what do I really want?”.  -Sierra, Cycle 5





Something I utterly love about this whole TAP program is HOW you handle it... The content is massive on its own, but what I utterly love is how you are “teaching us to fish” rather than “giving us fish” so to speak. It would be so easy to just book photo shoots and video shoots and choreographers for us and “force” all the work to happen without any actual WORK happening in each artist. And, of course, I never thought this would be that, but I just want to say HOW MUCH I love learning to fish in this big vast ocean of art and creativity and life and HOW MUCH I love how you are supporting that learning so amazingly with your answers and thoughts and guides and prompts. So thank you <3  -Sommer, Cycle 5


"There is nothing in this course that I could not have done by myself. There isn't here, or anywhere in the world, a magic potion for motivation, talent, or inspiration. However, in the past 8 weeks with you, we have done more than I could possibly believe I was capable of. More than I did in months of full-time circus by myself in LA. Certainly more than I ever dreamed was possible."  -Lyra, Cycle 2

"Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and advice - you've not only helped me complete all the marketing things that I needed in order to survive in this jungle, but you also (which I didn't expect starting out with the Audacity Project) helped me learn how to overcome my fears and master my emotions. I've grown so much as an artist and as a human being with your push!!! Thank you!!!!!!" -Noeli, Cycle 4

"The productivity this program kicked off in me is not only in the world of aerials, either. I feel inspired, prepared, and motivated to continue my journey as a professional performer! I was also surprised at how much going through this program affirmed my self-image and helped me identify what is important to me. I feel stronger in standing up for myself and my values, and this feeling has carried over into every aspect of life. Thank you!"  -anonymous feedback, Cycle 4

"It kicked my creative self in the ass!!! I got some shit done! And I'm so happy I have much more to do! Much more I want to do. I wish I had you messaging me every day telling me to go get shit done! haha True! Xoxox Thank you"  -anonymous feedback, Cycle 1

"This program really helped me set an intention in my everyday aerial practice and visualize my goals. Watching my videos, I actually think my physical performance has improved because I'm now more focused on the part of myself that I want to bring out while I'm in the air (thanks to the self-branding worksheet). And I enjoy it more, too!"  -anonymous feedback, Cycle 3

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