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Rachel Strickland is an interdisciplinary performance artist, aerialist, storyteller, and award winning choreographer.  Her work combines circus arts, dance and movement modalities, and elements of bizarre spectacle to create original, socially relevant performative works. To unearth aspects of the self which are buried, suppressed, and mutilated by the sanction of outside influences is both her subject matter and the intended effect on the viewer.  


Classically trained in ballet since the age of three, she began her study of circus arts in 2007, developing a unique style and innovative approach to aerial hoop.  Her work brought her international recognition, and she has coached, performed, and choreographed on four continents. 


She is the director of The Audacity Project, an 8-week guided process to equip artists and creatives with the tools necessary to be working professionals.  As a mentor, Rachel is passionate about empowering artists to pursue their most authentic work and to claim their places in the world with conviction.


She’s been featured in Authority Magazine and Thrive Global, and presented her stories and pedagogy on stages worldwide.  Her work has been recognized by the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Busker’s Festival, RAW Performing Artist of the year in Seattle, WA, and “Best Bet” at the New Orleans Fringe Festival.


Given to excess and quixotic tendencies, Rachel specializes in aerial hoop choreography and the practice of telling stories.  She lives in Charleston, SC with her husband, Shaun.  They have no children so don’t ask, but they would like to meet your dog.

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Photo by Mike Lloyd
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