The Audacity Project: 

Wall of Fame

I've had the privilege to work with over 160 beautiful, crazy, unreasonable, audacious artists of all ages since the inception of this program in early 2017.  It is A TON of work, and I've no attachment to anyone "finishing" on time.  Many are still working through the material months later, which I applaud.  Below you will find a smattering of spectacular beasties with their complete promokits.  Thank you all for your excellent work.

Kat Doherty
photo by Eithne Ni Anluain
Meredith Starnes
Photo by David Treadwell
Jin Wa
Photo by Celisa Rae
Anna Kaye
photo by Akshay Sawhney
Lyra Levin
photo by Brian Alvarez
Janelle Dinosaurs
Photo by Yann Ropars
Lizette Elaine
Photo by RJ Muna
Seanmichael Polaris
Photo by ElleAime Photography
Kat Boston
photo by Cassandra Goddard
Karen Liu
photo by Sharon Chen
Rebel Rose
photo by House of Winter
Sean Heisler
photo by Courtney Maimon
Iris Chang
photo by Sari Blum
David Nyugen
photo by Alec Joseph Bates
Noeli Acoba
Photo by Anna Cicone
Sierra Camille
photo by Nicholas Giblin
Mandy Hackman
Photo by Jason Robert Halsey
Bryan Connolly
photo by G. Mark Lewis
Jenny Tufts
photo by Aaron Walker
Jeliza Rose
photo by Brian Alvarez
Avery Young
Photo by Sanderling Photography
Maia Adams
photo by Giant Eye Photography
Hannah Owsianka
photo by Aaron Walker
Katie Nicole
photo by Victor Gonzalez
Sommer Panage
Photo by John Rowan Littell
Rebecca Yruegas
photo by Desire Lacapture
Anastasia Sauvage
Photo by RJ Muna
Marta Brown
photo by Lisa Elliot
Andrea Dillon
photo by Jeffrey Lewis
Elena Sherman
photo by Tim Dub
Kalina Suter
photo by Sean Malcolm
Haley Larson
Photo by Cole Simon
Stephanie Bailey
photo by Memento Moda
Nicole Sirdoreus
photo by Vikka Leoni
Sophie Goulet
photo by Jen Derbach
Oliver Sale
photo by Jym Daly
Hannah Anderson
photo by Annis Duhart
Griffin Wulf
Photo by Mindy Miller
Gena DuBose
Photo by Cornell Watson
Layla Maeve
Photo by Jason Stokes
Anastasia Timina
Photo by John Arthur Mattson (John Arthur Photography)
Benjy Radinsky
Photo by Supernova Photography
Elizabeth Stich
Photo by Elsie Smith
Robyn Saurine
Photo by Kelly Ann Oosterbeek
Mikah Berky
Photo by Jordan Stewart
Vix Nolan
Photo by Knockingbird Creative
Kaia Celine
Photo by Zimwicked
KC Hyland
Photo by Maca de Noia
Elise Sipos
Photo by Maike Schulz
Veronica Rosas
Photo by Cynthia Price
Chloe Commins
Photo by Ste Murray
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