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May 23-28, 2024

This retreat is currently sold out with a waitlist.  Fill out the application here to be added to the "first to know" in case a space becomes available.

In the lowcountry of South Carolina, there is an island surrounded by tidal creeks, pristine marshland, and the warm Atlantic ocean.  In this pocket of absolute magic is the witchy, unhurried, carefully curated retreat experience for aerialists, physical performers, and other artists looking to rediscover their creative fire.

We'll spend 5 nights in a lovingly crafted container designed to seduce your Muse, awaken your inspiration, and eat a lot of food while laughing loudly.  

Programming will include shadow work, exercises in creative excavation, and a healthy dollop of witchcraft led by yours truly.  We'll also enjoy a taster of different embodiment practices by guest teachers to give you a break from your usual creative practice, tempting the Muse to give abundantly.

An excursion day to historic and magnificent Botany Bay Heritage Preserve will ensure you meet the ocean like you've never met her before (this beach is what the entire Carolina coast would look like if it had been left the fuck alone).  

Limited to 12 participants, applications open Friday, October 13th (ooooh) at a variety of price points.

Full details, including sample schedule and package options below:

Beach Walkway

Creatrix includes:

  • 8 hours of programming in shadow-work, creative excavation, deep-diving magic led by Rachel each morning

  • 6 hours of unique movement/embodiment practice.  These practices are designed to give you a break from aerial work, taste some new and invigorating ways to move, and shake the dust off of your Muse

  • 5 nights of accommodation in comfortable quarters; two experiences to choose from

  • Delicious catered lunches each day at Covenstead (all meals are included in the Coven package)

  • Shuttle to and from Charleston airport (CHS)

  • Welcome gift bag with thoughtful touches

  • Excursion day to the unthinkably beautiful Botany Bay Heritage Preserve (witchy programming on the beach!)

Guests are responsible for:

  • Airfare/travel (airport shuttle provided)

  • Alcohol

  • Breakfast and dinner (this applies to Siren package only, Coven package is all inclusive)

Where:  The lowcountry of Edisto Island, SC

We respectfully acknowledge Creatrix will take place on Edisto Island, ancestral lands of the Edisto Natchez-Kusso peoples in South Carolina

click here to view in Google Maps


When:  May 23-28, 2024

arrival on the 23rd before 4pm, departure on the 28th



Sample schedule:

Creatrix has been designed to inspire and re-awaken your relationship with your Muse- your own creative force.  In service of this, I've created a roomy schedule with free time each day.  I hope you'll use it to read, walk on the beach, kayak, ride a bike through the nearby state park, take a nap, take a break, enjoy the peace, write in your journal, or do whatever the fuck you want.  In the meantime, a sample day might look like this:

  • 7-9:30 am:  Breakfast, coffee, morning pages, sleeping in...

  • 10-12 pm:  Morning programming with Rachel at Covenstead house

  • 12-1pm:  Delicious lunch provided by our resident kitchen magician

  • 1-2pm:  Free time to take more naps, digest, stare at the ocean, talk to a tree...

  • 2-4pm:  Movement practice at the Embodiment Emporium Auditorium, always designed to unlock and inspire, and never the same twice

  • 4-6pm:  Optional activities with the group, or free time to begin your evening early!

  • 8:30pm:  Fireside chats at the fire pit

Our excursion day to historic Botany Bay Heritage Wildlife Refuge is Sunday, May 26th


Packages and Pricing:

Select your lodging/meal preference for pricing:


All-inclusive care

Covenstead is the Creatrix headquarters.  A gorgeous 6 bedroom house of relaxed, marsh-front luxury.  The Covenstead experience is what I have crafted based on what I would have most loved to experience myself.  This package is for those who want to deeply unwind, knowing their needs are already met.

Covenstead includes:

  • All programming listed above

  • Generous continental breakfast and delicious catered lunch and dinner Friday-Monday

  • Welcome dinner on Thursday

  • 5 nights in upgraded, marsh front accommodation with views of the ocean from the deck(s)

  • Tarot reading

  • No need to even change out of pajamas for morning programming with Rachel, just come downstairs!

Siren house

Lighter touch

Siren house has been added for those that desire all programming at a more approachable price point.  Siren attendees will be responsible for themselves for breakfast and dinner (except for one family dinner!), there are several restaurants on the island and one grocery store.  

Siren house includes:

  • All programming listed above

  • Lunch Friday-Monday after morning programming

  • One family dinner

  • 5 nights of comfortable accommodation

  • Covenstead is a short walk from Siren house

Covenstead pricing:

7 places available, early bird ends Dec. 1st 2023

  • Queen mistress suite (trust me) $3200 / $3100 early bird  1 available

  • Private bedroom $2900/$2800 early bird 4 available

  • Double occupancy $2600/2500 early bird 2 available

Siren house pricing:

5 places availableearly bird ends Dec. 1st 2023

  • Private bedroom $2300/$2200 early bird 1 available

  • Double occupancy $2100/$2000 early bird 4 available

There are 12 available slots for Creatrix.

Early bird pricing ends December 1, 2023

You can:

  • Pay in full to reserve your place or

  • Pay $500 USD deposit, remainder due by March 30th 2024

  • Pay $500 USD deposit, with two payment due by Dec. 1 2023, and March 30, 2024

Meet Team Creatrix


About Edisto Island

View from Covenstead house:

When I say that I designed this experience to give you space and time for yourself, I meant it. 


Edisto Island is a largely undeveloped coastal community in South Carolina, an hour's drive south of Charleston International Airport.  If you were thinking Myrtle Beach party vibes, think again.  There is one grocery store.  There is one book store.  There's a saying here that goes, "Welcome to Edisto.  Hope you're not in a hurry." And that's good advice, because most people here ride around in golf carts rather than cars.  

Both Covenstead and Siren house are located in a gorgeous gated community called The Hammocks, surrounded by tidal marsh.  You are welcome to drive in, or if you are flying, you can rent a car...but you don't have to.  The best way to get around here is on a bicycle.

This is a place of extraordinary natural beauty, where daily life is literally determined by the rise and fall of the tides and the cycles of the moon.  A high tide during a full or new moon is called a King Tide, and it will come right up to your front door some days.  

The longer you look on Edisto, the more you see.  Tiny mollusks lapping at the sea water, baby turtles crawling to the surf, even the Spanish moss that drapes the monster trees is alive.  Hidden life...layered and secret until you take the time to really see. 

Like you.  

That is why I chose this place.

It is a place that whispers in the words of Rumi:

The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you.

Don't go back to sleep.

view from house.png

This retreat is currently sold out with a waitlist.  Fill out the application here to be added to the "first to know" in case a space becomes available.

Applications open October 13th
(for Patrons, October 6th)

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